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Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that like to live in mattresses and in the vicinity of the bedroom. When bed bugs are adults, they have the appearance of an apple seed with six legs. The larvae are difficult to detect with the human eye, it prevents sometimes a rapid identification.

Bites bedbugs.

Bed bugs feed on human blood preference. A colony of bed bugs can bite a person 500 times in one night.  Children may suffer from anemia as a result of  an "attack" of bed bugs. Bed bugs cause multiple health disadvantages. It can cause skin rashes, allergic reactions, skin infections, psychological problems, insomnia, etc.. However, no cases of disease transmission by bed bugs have been reported.

It's really hard to sleep when you discover that your mattress is full of little discrete bugs awaiting the next night to feed on your blood. They are a source of psychological disorders and insomnia for victims.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly. Bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs per individual, changing infestations can quickly change a few individuals in hundreds of thousands in a few months!

Montreal Bedbugs like everywhere else:
Montreal, like many other cities in the world is now facing a serious epidemic of bedbugs. Bugs thrive in some motels, B & B, but also in many private homes and social housing. The presence of bed bugs is not a sign of uncleanliness. It spreads without regard to social status. It can be found in homes as in luxury homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, in public transport, taxis, etc.. Bedbugs have been found in the United Nations building in Newyork. Bed bugs have also been found in the Sherbrooke (canada) courthouse.

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Bed bugs general information

You just realise that you may be victim of bedbugs infestation ? You got rid of it ? It becomes a recurring problem? You are at the good place! This site wants to share some basic information and tips on how to get rid of bedbugs.

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Here is a webpage on products that can be used in the fight against bed bugs. It is interesting to see that it is possible to hunt these creatures without spending thousands of dollars. It is also necessary to know the right products available to destroy them. It seems that the products listed and described are available in the USA. Good luck to all our bedbugers colleagues.

Site: Sos Bed Bugs (

How to get rid of bedbugs

Several experts and especially the past victims of infestation of bed bugs will tell you that the first step to eliminate bed bugs is to limit the main location of infestation: protect your mattress.


You can treat your mattress and box spring at hot steam. Wrap them in a special sealed cover to avoid any activity of bed bugs from it.

You will find it in all good stores covers anti-allergen in which you can wrap your mattress. This first step may remove 80% of the problem since the main living areas of the bed bug are the seams of mattresses and their buttons. Make sure you cover your whole because the bedbug can survive without food a whole year!

Wash your bedding and duvets in hot water. Go to the dryer for at least 20 minutes at high temperature.

Prevent bed bugs accessing to your bed. Several methods are available to you. Make sure your bed is remote a few inches from the wall. Protect the legs then. A sticky tape on both sides can be wrapped around each leg. It will an insurmountable barrier to bugs. Another method is to place plastic bowl covers under the legs of bed in which there is a ring of petroleum jelly. You may also put your bed legs in bowls of water. Bedbugs dont like water...


There are three effective ways to kill bed bugs. Exposure to heat, cold exposure and exposure to appropriate pesticides.

All clothing and personal effects should be bagged or puted on sealed boxes. Then expose them for six days at -7 ° C or three days at - 18 ° C, or one hour at over 100 ° F. The bugs should not survive. Remember to treat all toys and stuffed animals of your children, having previously washed them at hot water.


Wash all the furniture (vacuum, steam, soap) well below the drawer, the rods, the underside of furniture.

Dont forget to inspect all the ornaments, frames, chairs, and anything with cracks or places where bed bugs may hide (eg, lamp, clock, power outlet, etc..) Treat these places with a appropriate insecticide powder/spray. Read and follow the instructions given by the producer of the product.


The bed bug larvae are microscopic. To eliminate the maximum reproduction and the risk of recurrence of infection, it's necessary to apply some extraordinary measures:

Wash your bedding regularly in hot water with bleach.

Get regular vacuuming around the apartments (especially under beds).

Try not to leave any piece of cloth on the floor.

It is still a good idea to call a professional who can assist you in applying insecticides approved and safe. Among those that appear effective against the bed bug, there are particular product based on pyrethrin and pyrethroid. We also find boric acid, an inexpensive product that can be used in areas difficult to access.

The Bed Bugs Registry

Look-up where bed bugs has been reported at the Bed Bug Register of North America.

Since the site has open in 2006, The Bed Bug Registry has collected over 20 000 reports from 12 000 locations all over North America.

You can also check in their free database if you will rent an apartment that has been infested by bed bugs or if they have been bedbugs reports in the hotel you plan to stay for couple of days. It could save you lots of time, money and nightmares.

Bedbugs situation in New York city

Bed Bugs trap !